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The Main Activities of the Department of Distance Education:

  • Organization and management of educational process on remote educational technologies.
  • Development of teaching distance learning tools.
  • Information and technical support of the educational process on remote educational technologies.
  • Creating a database of information of educational resources.
  • Participation in the retraining of administrative, engineering and scientific-pedagogical personnel of Y.A. Buketov Karganda State University for effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT).


Normative Base

  • Standard rules of activities of higher and postgraduate education institutions (№499 from 17.05.2013)
  • Rules of organization of educational process on credit technology (№152 from 20.04.2011, amended from  28.01.2016)
  • Model Regulations for the ongoing monitoring of progress, interim and final assessment of students in higher educational institutions (№125 from 18.03.2008, amended on 04.11.2013)
  • Rules of organization of educational process on remote educational technologies (№137 from 03.20.2015)
  • State compulsory education standards (SCES) №1080 from 23.08.2015
  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “on Education” (amended on 10.07.2012)
  • Rules of transfer and the restoration of students by type of educational organization (#19 dated by January 20th, 2015)


Educational-methodical base for studying on distance learning technologies

  • Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University library fund;
  • electronic lectures, electronic textbooks and manuals;
  • coursework cases;
  • video lectures, and videos;
  • Internet resources;
  • access to satellite television channels;
  • audio materials.


Electronic catalogue of Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University

To help all students of Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, the library maintains an electronic catalog (EC) on the available funds in its literature. EC is a whole range of catalogs available both within the library and on the Internet:

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Abstracts and dissertations
  • Proceedings of the faculty and graduate students
  • Audio-visual and electronic documents
  • Electronic library


Electronic catalogue enables fast, comprehensive search of information on many parameters: author, title, year and place of publication, keywords, subject headings, etc. Access to EC is carried out in the halls of academic libraries catalogs. Should you need any help to find the information in the EC, you can refer to bibliographers consultants, memo to users. EC is accessible on-line via the web-site http://library.ksu.kz library. On the front page of the site you need to select “Directories” section, in this section note the phrase “Electronic catalogue”.

As a result, you will have access to the directory menu. After selecting the desired directory, use the search form that has a user-friendly interface.

It is possible to adjust the portion issued documents (20 to 100) and also change the format of search results.

To view a database with keywords, names of authors, ISSN / ISBN, you need to set the mark next to the appropriate field, click “List”. This will display a full list of keywords or authors, or ISSN / ISBN, depending on which field it was marked.

Form filling a search query has the following fields:

Search subjects - in this field you can choose the thematic area search. Topics are arranged alphabetically.

Keywords - the field can be filled in directly or select keywords from the list.

Search Box - Search here indicates the direction of the fields of bibliographic description, such as title, author's name of the collective, subject headings. You can not specify a particular field, choose the option “in any field”.

Logic - indicates a logical connection between the elements of the request. The logic for a bunch And, issued in response to a request document in which there are all the elements of the request. When setting the logic OR, the search results will appear, at least one request element. To search for strict compliance with this order of words in the query, you need to select “Phrase entirely”.

Author. The field is filled directly or through the list.

Publication type - in this field shall indicate the type of publication of the proposed list.

ISSN / ISBN - field is filled in either directly or through the list.

Year of publication - only indicated for the non-periodical publications.

For the successful implementation of the search is necessary that was filled with at least one field of the form the search query! It is also possible to specify strict compliance of words in the query part of the form in which they are listed, or set the milder conditions, selecting a search mode without taking into account the end of words. On the web-site of the library (http://library.ksu.kz) you can get acquainted with the new Bulletin of income (see “New Arrivals”) updated 6 times a year and the “Bulletin of periodicals”, written out by the  library of Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University (“Subscription” section) is updated 2 times a year. In addition to bibliographic databases the library creates “electronic library” provided by full-text digital versions of educational and reference books, monographs and articles, grouped into three thematic databases. Currently the content of the electronic library has 946 titles. All the information on the available documents is reflected in the catalog “Electronic Library”. The online library can be used in the hall of electronic resources on the second floor of the main campus. At the beginning of new academic year the electronic library will be accessible through the Internet in the authorized mode.