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The Republic of Kazakhstan
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Universitetskaya street,
house #28, /1, lab.221
тел.: +7 (7212) 770456
e-mail: idl@ksu.kz

On education

At the Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University the extramural form of study is carried out with the use of case and distance learning technologies.

Case distance learning technology is based on the use of electronic educational complex containing the complete set of learning and teaching materials for specialty and course.

Network distance learning technology is realized by “Automated support of distance education “Fakel-2” - a modern software tool designed to educate remote users via the Internet. Computer program “Torch-2” has received a copyright certificate, registered in the Committee on the Rights of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 813 dated June 19, 2012.

Dear students!

For the use of the system you will need a computer and Internet access. If you do not have a computer, you can use the Internet hall, multimedia rooms and computer rooms of the University. Please visit a seminar “Distance Learning Technology” for learning how to work in the computer program “Torch-2” during the session.

Educational process in distance learning technologies

During your education you get a course case in the specialty with the linguistic separation, guide for students, schedule of virtual classes and consultations, as well as the login and password that provide access to your personal Web-page in distance learning program “Torch-2”.

The schedule of virtual classes and consultations, date, time, topic sessions and last name and initials of a tutor, from whom you can get advice related to that discipline. For any questions regarding learning with the use of remote technology you can contact the coordinator of distance learning faculty.

How to work in the computer program “Automated support of distance learning “Torch-2”?

In the browser address window (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox) enter the address of remote training server: www.idl.ksu.kz

  1. Activate the link “Enter”.
  2. Enter login and password, issued by the system administrator, in the input box, if login and password are correct you will see your personal page of the student.
  3. Link “Electronic deanery”:
  • schedule of virtual classes and consultations;
  • educational achievements;
  • schedule of the educational process;
  1. Link “Messages”
  • correspondence between student and tutor by messages;
  • posting written works, questions and advice between a student and tutor;
  1. Link “File manager”
  • ability to send attachments (Word, Excel, etc.);
  • ability to save attachments to your hard drive;
  1. Link “Forum”
  • communication of a student and a tutor on the proposed topic by “question-answer” mode;
  • add posts.
  1. Link “Announcement”
  • display of all active announcements on the faculty coordinator of the department, tutors administrator.
  1. Link “Educational materials”
  • access to the educational case.
  1. Link “Testing”
  • testing in the disciplines of the course.